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Welcome to the website of the company 1-TELECT

At a time when technology we invaded, HOME AUTOMATION is undoubtedly the perfect tool to take advantage of technical progress without suffering ...

2016 is a special year as the company 1-TELECT celebrates 10 years of DOMOTIQUE after closing in 2015 on the most beautiful private project COURCHEVEL.

2016 is also an opportunity for one-TELECT to offer a partnership in Portugal with Portuguese architecture firms located near FARO in TAVIRA and OLHAO ; a new stage in the life of the company that intends to become a real actor in AUTOMATION placed at the heart of the Algarve.

Real technical architect, the company 1-TELECT, sources, expertises, coordinates, directs, and maintains one of the themes:

    1- MEDIA: audio, video, boxtv, computer, conference

    2 COMFORT: lighting, shutters, heating, watering, SPA

    3- SAFETY: alarm, video surveillance, access control

    4- REMOTE CONTROL: internet, GSM, GPRS, SMS

    5- TRANSMISSION: beeper, pager LRS

We program, you control ...

See you soon,


April 2014: first SMS gateway that eliminates constraints on DSL remote or risk management option on our systems

January 2015: new bridge LRS radio frequency for associating call buttons and / or Pager receiver option on our systems

    => Remote, it is now possible to:

    1- MANAGING (all local functions)

    2- INTEROGER (eg activated lighting)

    3- TELL (eg technical alarm / power failure, frost, wind ...)

    4- ORGANIZE (eg management of queues, logistics ...)

    5- STUDY (eg statistical tool ... LRS)

*March 2016: PORTUGAL HOME AUTOMATION partnership with the architectural firms near FARO at the heart of the Algarve



Meeting room

Conference room



Multiroom audio

Multiroom Video


Video surveillance


LRS Pager

remote control